How to use video in the “Twitter” marketing

You probably already know about the ability to shoot and publish video in the “Twitter” for mobile gadgets. Moreover, most likely you have already tested the new feature: filmed video of the fall of comrade from his chair and drama titled “Cat asks additional portion of food.” And in this article you will learn how to use video in the “Twitter” to promote business.

How to use video in the “Twitter”

To remove and publish video “Twitter”, you need to install the application or Twitter for Android iOS. Sign in to your account and select the edit mode tweet. Start the camera and select the video recording.

To start recording video, press and hold the camera icon. You can record a video clip up to 30 seconds. You have the ability to interrupt and continue shooting. It’s enough to release and re-press the camera icon. After recording, click “Finish”, write a comment and publish tweets. It will look something like this:

How to use video in the “Twitter” for business purposes

If you can use for marketing purposes shestisekundnye video Vine and fifteen-Video Instagram, the problems with the use of thirty second commercials in the “Twitter” should not be. Start using the new functionality microblogging service using the following ideas.

Idea 1: respond to tweets by video

Your subscribers will probably ask questions. When they ask something about your product, provide vivid video response. For example, show how open the smartphone, stick the protective film on the screen of the gadget, or to make the original hair for 5 minutes.

By the way, you can answer via twitter video chat. This idea took advantage of members of the British Olympic team. They answer questions of sports fans in the “Twitter” with the help of short videos.

Video Responses chatting

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Idea 2: publish a report on significant events in real time

It is unlikely that the functionality of “Twitter” can be compared to streaming video service. However, if you do not plan to broadcast the event as a whole, you can restrict the records key points.

See how managed to shoot a promotional video marketers brand Tide:

Idea 3: training audience

The article about the service Vine has shestisekundny video that teaches users to quickly clean grenades. You have five times more time to teach your potential and existing customers something useful. For example, McDonalds has pleased all parents: children marketers have shown what can be done with ketchup, sauce and fried potatoes before eating them. Wash kitchen will probably be Ronald McDonald.

Idea 4: receive user-generated content

Your customers will love to take pictures and shoot video itself. Create a platform for them to express themselves. A contest for the best video with your product. Encourage users to several nominations: practical use of the product, the original use of the product, and feil fun with the product, etc. Believe me, you will learn a lot about a product that sells.

Manufacturer GoPro action camera accurately shared with the audience is not all the rollers that sent users to the competition. Nothing to do, is glad that there is:

Educate and entertain the audience by video in the Twitter.

Do not pursue quality clips, still you do not surpass James Cameron. You need an audience to offer useful and interesting information in a concentrated form suitable for consumption on the go. Videos in “Twitter” – this is one of the appropriate formats for this task.